Recent News

RAAA was given the go ahead to move forward with the construction of a new baseball field in the Parkwood  Development.  We are beginning to establish a “new field” committee and will be working throughout the winter to create a project plan in order to begin construction in the spring of 2012 and to have the field ready for opening day 2013.

Thank you for all the parents who were present at the city council  meeting along with those who wrote letters in support of the project.  In total our concept recieved a 17-4 yes vote from the residents of Parkwood, a 5-0 yes vote from the Park and Rec Board and finally a 5-0 yes vote from the City Council.

Over the past 3 months, we have gained funds from a few organizations that gets us to 65-75% of the total costs of the field assuming we have community members assist with labor.

With the continued support of our community we are confident that we will be able to build a “best in class” field for our program.



Steve & Chris
RAAA Baseball