About RAAA

Rockford Area Athletic Association (RAAA) is the local athletic body that sponsors youth Baseball, Softball, T-Ball, Basketball, Tackle Football, JO Volleyball and Wrestling.  RAAA is a non-profit organization dedicated to community growth and high quality sporting programs for the Rockford School district.  Events and fundraisers organized by RAAA in combination with youth sport registration fees help pay for uniforms, facility improvements, sporting equipment, team tournaments and many other needs within the local athletic community.

By sport registration deadlines (subject to change, please visit individual sport page for info).

  • March 1 – Baseball
  • March 1 – Softball
  • March 31 – 8U Baseball/Softball
  • March 31 – T-Ball
  • July 31 – Fall Softball
  • August 15 – Tackle Football
  • September 15 – Basketball
  • November 30 – JO Volleyball
  • November 30 – Wrestling

For more information about RAAA, its programs, or how you can volunteer to help the sporting community, please contact one of our board members.

P.O. Box 401
Rockford, MN 55373